Color Sorting Equipment

Color sorting equipment, also known as color sorters or color sorting machines, are devices used to automatically sort objects or materials based on their color. These machines employ various technologies to detect and categorize objects based on their color properties, allowing for efficient and accurate sorting processes. Color sorting equipment finds applications in various industries, including food processing, recycling, mining, and manufacturing.

Here are the key components and features typically found in color sorting equipment:

1. Hopper: The input area where the objects or materials to be sorted are loaded into the machine.

2. Conveyor System: A conveyor belt or other transportation mechanism that moves the objects through the sorting process.

3. Illumination System: Specialized lighting, such as LED lights, is used to illuminate the objects and enhance color detection.

4. Image Acquisition System: High-speed cameras or sensors capture images of the objects as they move along the conveyor belt. These cameras can capture images from different angles and perspectives to ensure accurate color detection.

5. Image Processing System: A computerized system analyzes the images captured by the cameras and extracts color information from the objects. Advanced image processing algorithms are used to detect and differentiate colors accurately.

6. Color Detection and Analysis: The color sorting machine compares the detected color information with pre-defined color thresholds or ranges. Based on these thresholds, the objects are categorized into different color groups.

7. Ejector Mechanism: Once an object is identified as belonging to a specific color group, an ejector mechanism is activated to remove it from the main flow of objects. This can be done using compressed air jets or mechanical arms to divert the objects into separate streams or chutes.

8. Sorting Accuracy and Speed: Color sorters are designed to achieve high sorting accuracy and operate at high speeds to maximize efficiency in industrial settings. The sorting accuracy depends on the capabilities of the image processing system and the precision of the color detection algorithms.

9. User Interface and Control System: Color sorting machines are equipped with user-friendly interfaces and control panels. Operators can set sorting parameters, monitor the sorting process, and make adjustments as needed.

Dal Color Sorting Machine T20 - 3 Chute

Dal Color Sorting Machine T20 - 6 Chute

Wheat Color Sorting Machine T20 3 Chute

Wheat Color Sorting Machine T20 - 8 Chute

Wheat Color Sorting Machine T20 4 Chute

Wheat Color Sorting Machine T20 - 10 Chute

Dal Color Sorting Machine T20 - 7 Chute

Wheat Color Sorting Machine T20 - 6 Chute

Dhall Color Sorting Macine T20 - 4 Chute


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