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T 20 Color Sorting Machine
T 20 color sorting machine is a stand alone machine that is widely used in rice mills to sort all kinds of rice. It comprises a camera scanner and defects recognition system to separate stones, bad rice and half-husked rice grains.
Dal Color Sorter
Dal Color Sorter has the strong construction and is preferred as it leads to easy operations. The maintenance required is very less and also the operational fluency is really high. There is also a 7-inch TFT Color Touch Screen Panel installed in.
Grains Color Sorter
Grains color sorter machines are widely used in food processing industries for sorting several types of grains. These are known for their noise free operations, sturdy design and longer service life.
Rice Color Sorter
Rice Color Sorter is an ultimate and offers uber-fast data computing capability. It is enabled by FPGA chip which is imported. It has multi-sorting modes that enable to sort chalky kernels as well as discolored rice spontaneously.

Zorba Series Color Sorter Machine
We are supplying here the various types of Zorba Series Color Sorter Machine for use in the various commercial and industrial applications. The machine is labor-saving, time-saving, high efficiency with much lower processing cost.
Cashew Nut Color Sorter
Cashew Nut Color Sorter offers the prolonged life time as well as uniform lighting effect that are present through the over all area. The machine requires very little energy consumption.
Groundnut Color Sorter
Groundnut color sorter machines are used to deliver best quality groundnuts, it is widely demanded in food processing industries. These are known for their unique design and high operational fluency.
Wheat Color Sorter
Wheat Color Sorter find its application for the processing of wheat grains and divides the discolored and burnt grains from from the required high quality grains which helps to maintain the product quality as well as increases the productivity.
Plastic Color Sorter Machine

Plastic Color Sorter Machine is manufactured keeping the modern technologies in mind. The product is installed with focus lens as well as digital image technology that ensures the reliability of the product.

Spices Color Sorter
Spices Color Sorter is an opto-electronic device use to separate spices like black pepper, onion flakes and white chillies. These are highly precise and able to detect very small impurities of size less than 0.068mm.
LED Color Sorter
LED color sorter is a sorting machine that comprises feeding system, optoelectronic system, sorting system, cleaning system and operating system. This machine can be used to sort peanuts, raisins, seeds, rice, tea and many other food and non-food products.
Color Sorting Machine
The Color Sorting Machine is very efficient and made for use in the various commercial and industrial applications. The machines are used on the production lines in bulk food processing and other industries. They are very efficient and durable.
COP Sorter
Buy from our premium range of COP Sorter machines in various sizes and variants as per their demands. The offered machines can be delivered to our customers with an assurance of fast and safe delivery.
Belt Drive Sorter Machine
Our company offers highly efficient and robust Belt Drive Sorter Machine units that can be used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and various other industrial sectors to ensure quick and efficient sorting of granular substances.

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