Lentils Sorting Machine

A lentils sorting machine is a device or system designed to automate the process of sorting lentils based on various criteria such as size, color, shape, and quality. Lentils sorting machines are commonly used in food processing facilities or agricultural settings to improve efficiency and accuracy in the sorting process.

The sorting machine typically consists of a conveyor belt or chute system that carries the lentils from a hopper or input point to the sorting area. Various sensors, cameras, and mechanical mechanisms are employed to inspect and sort the lentils based on predetermined criteria. Here are some common methods used in lentils sorting machines:

1. Size Sorting: Optical sensors or sieves can be used to measure the diameter or size of the lentils and separate them into different categories accordingly.

2. Color Sorting: Cameras or optical sensors analyze the color of the lentils and classify them into different color groups. This can help eliminate discolored or defective lentils.

3. Shape Sorting: Lentils can be sorted based on their shape using imaging technology. The machine can detect irregular or misshapen lentils and divert them from the main stream.

4. Quality Sorting: By using advanced imaging technology and machine learning algorithms, sorting machines can analyze the lentils' quality by detecting defects such as cracks, blemishes, or foreign material. Defective lentils can then be separated from the good ones.

5. Weight Sorting: Some sorting machines can also incorporate weighing mechanisms to sort lentils based on their weight. This can be useful for certain applications where weight is an important criterion.

6. The sorting process is often controlled by a computerized system that receives data from the sensors and activates mechanical mechanisms such as air jets or mechanical arms to divert or separate the lentils based on the sorting criteria. The sorted lentils are then directed to different output points or packaging systems for further processing or packaging.

Lentils sorting machines greatly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the sorting process, reducing labor costs and ensuring consistent quality. They also help reduce human error and improve overall productivity in lentil processing facilities.

Pulses Sorting Machine T20 - 12 Chute

  • Capacity:6 to 8 T/hr
  • Accuracy:80-90 %
  • Type:Pulses Sorting Machine
  • Application:Industrial
Price: 4000000 INR/Piece

Fried Gram Color Sorting Machine T20 - 2 Chute

  • Accuracy:98 %
  • Capacity:800 kgs to 1.2 TPH T/hr
  • Application:Industrial
  • Type:Fried Gram Color Sorting Machine
Price: 1075000 INR/Piece

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